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Our Staff

Diane J. Heckley, DDS

Dr. Diane Heckley began providing innovative, pampering dental care in 1991. She is fully dedicated to her work and strives to give each patient the highest quality of dental care in an environment that is stress-free, comfortable, and kind. When outside of the office she is committed to yoga, wellness, organic gardening, snow skiing, culinary arts, traveling, and theater. More important than anything to her is her family, including her papillons Desi and Mac.


Piper Narey, DDS

Dr. Narey is making a comeback into the profession after taking a break to raise her handsome grandson, Kayden. For more than a year, she has interned with me to learn the ins, outs, ups, and downs of our dental practice. Dr. Narey is a skilled clinician who possesses sincere compassion and concern for our patients.


Donna Tomich, RDH

Ommmmmmm. Our resident yoga enthusiast is your hygienist. Expect to see symbols of peace and tranquility scattered around your treatment room. Donna loves to pamper her patients with essential oil aroma therapy, blankets and eye pillows. These amenities are, of course, optional. But if you choose them, you can zone out for a half an hour while Donna does what she does best and zone back in with a bright clean smile. Donna is also a gifted artist. At university, she studied art and psychology. I guess that she wanted to “analyze” her own artwork. Donna creates beautiful works in oil, pencil, water color and just about any medium you put in her hand. I wish that I could motivate her to display in the office!


Tiffany Kong, RDH

Another dental hygienist extraordinaire. Tiffany is a walking, talking textbook of dental knowledge. She uses her fine skills and knowledge to provide excellent care and education to our patients. Tiffany is a gentle and sweet soul. She is ambitious and has set her sights on becoming a dentist. Tiffany recently purchased her first home and is super busy customizing it, working with us in the dental practice, taking university classes, and helping her parents at their Chinese restaurant in Spencer, Indiana. She is pet parent to a cute dog named, “RICE.” Really? “RICE”???


Erica Hizo, Dental Assistant

As a half marathon runner and all around fitness enthusiast, Erica gets plenty of training hours zipping around our office as she gives it her all to assist our patients and enhance the dental spa experience. She loves her work and her sparkling personality will make your visit with us a pleasant one. Erica is pet mommy to Alba, the epitome of doggie cuteness. In Erica’s spare time, she loves spending time with friends and attending music concerts and festivals.


Wendy Reef, Dental Assistant

It takes a village to run a dental practice and Wendy is my village. Wendy’s claim to fame is communication. She scores a 10 out of 10 in her skills as a dental assistant, but she really shines when it comes to connecting and communicating with our patients. Wendy’s diligent work ethic and genuine care for our patients is honed by her success as a wife, mother and grandmother. On the lighter side, she snorts when she laughs. Another kitty cat parent, Wendy regularly sends me photos of Chester the cat doing all sorts of crazy and cute things. Of course, he is the smartest cat EVER!


Tiffany Lutz, Office Assistant

Ohhhhh the crazy whacky world of dental insurance has not been as whacky since Tiffany joined us. She works so hard at obtaining the details about your dental insurance, I’m sure that she dreams about being gobbled up by a marching band of dental codes. Hey! There’s an idea for Nathan’s next film! Tiffany is another theatrical talent who works a second job in local theatre. I’m going to save everything these two sign so I can sell their autographs when they hit it big.



Nathan Erdel, Front Office Manager

Nathan wins the “nice guy” award for going the extra mile to welcome our patients to the practice and help them navigate through the dreaded paperwork and insurance quandaries. In addition to being a star member of our dental team, Nathan just happens to be an award winning screen writer and film maker. If you are in to horror flicks, check him out on IMDB. Nathan is Big Daddy Cat to three exceptional domestic short hairs, George, Oblina, and the ever so famous ne’er-do-well, Boris. Meow.